51 East Main

The Whiteside Building

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In 2010, we saw the potential in the Whiteside building. The vision of the previous owners had been sitting for several years, unfinished. With Ron's interest in building restoration and financial know how and Dana's  interest in interior design, we were able to complete the 51 East Main project.


Your Hosts


As lifetime residents of the Walla Walla area, we have an admiring appreciation for historical buildings. From the building's history to the unique architectural designs, it all  captures our interest to help in the preservation of the past.

As a private business owner for 18 years and a local school teacher for 13 years, we have been busy for the past 10 years buying buildings to restore, revitalize and bring back their usefulness they once had. We look forward to your stay. (Check out some of our favorite Walla Walla spots!)

Ron and Dana